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Newest Team Member

This was an exciting week for the entire team, as a new sponsor has decided to join the ranks and grace the lightning bolt wearing panels of the 12x.

Techman Sales Inc., a Manufacturers Representatives group based out of Mansfield, OH, is the newest member of the team. Techman Sales, with offices in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, and Mexico, has 17 representatives that call on multiple industries and hundreds of customers. The group is well positioned within the automotive industry, and strives to bring maximum benefit to the principals it represents. Many of its current customer locations dovetail with where the Top Speed Modified Tour heads to – which we coincidentally will be competing on for the first time this year.

The group is looking forward to its sponsorship, and is intending to take in a race at the primary stomping grounds for the car this year – Springport Motor Speedway in Springport, MI. To entice the team, as if it needs it, Techman Sales has pledged a bonus for every checkered flag the team is able to nab. Given that the 12x crossed the line first once last year, it is eager to replicate the feat with the now extra incentive.

The engine is almost back from the shop, and other improvements are coming together with the first race less than a month away. Future updates and pictures of the new stickers on the hot rod will be found here prior to then.


  • New sponsor has come on board for 2014 – press release to come soon! 2014-04-02
  • Progress! Something is missing from this picture, seemingly apropos on a 40+ degree day… http://t.co/OgA1cPpUPV 2014-02-19
  • Engine work begins tonight on the same night modifeds at Battle on the Beach. That is a good night, my friends… 2014-02-18
  • 38th consecutive day of snow on the ground. Perfect weekend to pull the modified engine! First race 3 months from today… 2014-02-06

2013 – Year In Review

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