12X Team (Go-Kart) Racing

Tomorrow is the Top Speed Modifieds banquet. Going to be a fun trek, in the snow, down to Indiana. We look forward to it. It also marks the 3 month “anniversary” of the 1st annual 12x team go-kart outing at Extreme Indoor Kart Racing in Clio, Michigan. It was a celebration of the championship, and a chance for everyone to unwind a bit. All racing family was invited, whether it be team members, friends, crew, coworkers, college bros – and we had all groups covered.

We had an elaborate qualifying format set up, but with a spate of cancellations at the last minute (forget about your kids – and who really needs to work!?), and a party immediately after us, we consolidated to one group. The 11 of us engaged in 2 qualifying sessions of 5 minutes each. Best lap time between the two was “your” time. Top 6 were to be inverted. Karts were chosen in order by where you timed. It was then on to an extra length 14 minute A-main (which left most sore for days after).

After qualifying it was apparent that Kyle Drake was way ahead of the group. Instead of starting in 6th, he elected to start shotgun. He probably thought there was a bonus on the line for starting “Senneker.” The start was dicey with father and son duo Mike and Alex Stenberg clogging the track through the first 3 turns after the standing start. Mike tried to block both lanes coming on to the long straightaway which ended up with him facing the wrong way off the bumper of Occhipinti, who had started 3rd.

Occhipinti eventually worked to the lead and tried to gap the field while Kyle diced through the field. He got to 2nd on lap 4 and got the gap down to about 5 seconds. That was as close as it got and Occhipinti took the win. Testament to their closeness in speed is that Occhipinti had fast lap in the feature…by .002 over Drake. The top 4 finished on the lead lap, which was 24 laps completed.

Finishing order (with start position in parentheses): M. Occhipinti (3), K. Drake (11), Austen S. (5), John C. (4), Mike Stenberg (1), Alex S. (2), Cam B. (9), Chris Oz (7), Blake (6), Marshall B (10), Hosam (8)