Demo Derby – The Demise of a Wagon

The “Wagon,” as most reading this know, had quite a history. Joe (Dad, Grandpop, however he was known) bought it when it was only a few years old. Unlike most of his vehicles, he held onto this one. He held onto it for a long, long time and through many “afflictions” that would have terminated a lesser vehicle. With his passing, it was only fitting that it have a proper send-off. Given his penchant for racing, a demolition derby was the way to go. Enter Ray Ward.

Ray is an avid “demo-derbyist” from the Buffalo area. He found the Wagon from one of my internet postings and made a trip down to get it (picking up other vehicles along the way too). Upon inspection he decided that he would enter it into the Erie County, NY fair on August 23rd. This fair is traditionally known as the “largest independent county fair” in the US. He started working on it in May. Here were some early pictures.

Prep about to begin

Early prep done

I could not help myself, so I let Ray know I would show up. I spoke to him multiple times on the phone, and even more through e-mail. I was flabbergasted when I showed up. There was no way it could be the same car!




(Yes, that is one of dad’s “Club’s” on the wheel)